Unlike many other providers on the powerwall market, our systems are getting installed before the photovoltaic inverter. As a result, our systems can store the direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules directly in our batteries without the need to convert it to alternating current, which would result in a loss of efficiency. Another advantage is that this strategy enables an easy retrofitting of existing photovoltaic systems of almost any size.


The conversion into the alternating current required in the household only takes place after the battery has been discharged, or in the event of direct consumption or excess feed-in. The delivery of the required amount of electricity is regulated by our implemented control software and is always based on the current consumption and generation situation in your house.

Installation Sketch

Connection diagram of a PV system with e.g. two photovoltaic strings and a photovoltaic inverter with an EAZY inverter and an EAZY battery.

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