EazyPowerWall Plug and Play

When developing our inverter series, so a made in Germany product, we placed particular emphasis on eaze of installation.

The power unit sits in its own housing that fits the battery and only needs to be secured to the wall to prevent it from falling over.

This housing contains the complete power electronics and all plug and play connections on the outside. The software stored in the housing, which is developed and designed by ourselves, ensures that you consume your self-generated electricity first, store the surplus first and then sell it to your energy supplier (feed-in) so that you have to buy as little electricity from the grid as possible in the end.
In the end, you will have maximum self-sufficiency and self-consumption.

The integration directly in the generation line also combines simple installation with high efficiency, so that no additional and therefore unnecessary conversion losses have to be accepted.

With the EazyPowerWall storage systems, you get the maximum yield from your system.